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What Kind of Survey Do I Need?

So you were told that you needed a survey. Now what? What do I need and not need? We will try to answer some of the most common situations in the boxes below. For all questions not answered on this page, please describe your situation and needs on the Contact & Estimate Form.

I cannot find my property corners. Now what?

This is usually the most straightforward service that we can provide you. We conduct deed research to then survey and visibly flag your corners. This service can be with or without a certified map of our findings.

My neighbor and I disagree on where one of our shared property lines is located. Now what?

A survey should provide some answers to this dispute. We would go to your property, survey all lots adjoining yours, create a map showing any overlaps/encroachments (if any) and definitively show where the property line is located. Sometimes, this can help de-escalate situations that would otherwise lead to civil suits.

I am trying to build a house but my local planning office says I need a plot plan. What do they mean?

The detail and requirements vary among planning jurisdictions. This can be simply showing your proposed house or an addition on your lot. However, you may also need topographic lines on a map that represent the elevation of your land, proposed utilities and/or other proposed improvements.

I am building a house. Why is everyone telling me I need a survey?

There are numerous reasons why you need a survey when building any structure. One of the main reasons is ensuring you are building within your property lines and construction setbacks. We offer complete construction layout services as well.

I have a substantial amount of land, and I want to give some of it to my kids. What do I do next?

First, we would conduct a boundary survey to certify all of your property lines and total acreage. Then, once you give us a relative idea of how you want your land to be divided, we would prepare a map for review in your planning commission’s jurisdiction. Once approved by you and your planning commission, the map can be recorded and made official.

If the lot sizes remain over 5 acres, then you will not have to go through a planning commission. New divisions under 5 acres must go through a planning commission.

The bank said I needed a survey of my newly purchased property. What all do they need?

Typically, banks will need a current survey in order to secure your land or construction loan. Most banks will also require a foundation survey verifying that your new construction does not encroach on the property setback.